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Give your investment journey a future

Connect with friends. Share portfolios, insights, and opinions. Invest smarter.

The App

Making investing
social & accessible

Follow friends and peers, compare portfolios, and discuss investment strategies together

Investing-based networking empowers a new generation of investors by providing people access to independent information, learning tools, and peer-to-peer sharing in ways that never existed before.
You can have open discussions with other network users or send private messages to keep your chats private.
Along with the social aspect, you'll find out what's trending, discover tips, get advice, and keep up with breaking news.

Be one of the first to try yeekatee.

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All you need for the investment journey

and well-being of your future investments

Catch up with friends and peers

Follow your friends and discover knowledgeable investors. Maintain conversations using our stellar features.

Aggregate portfolio with no effort

No more async portfolios. Aggregate your portfolios by connecting your bank and brokerage accounts in a split second.

Sneak peek at interesting portfolios

Stay in the loop with exciting investment moves and portfolios. Appreciate each portfolio as it brings its uniqueness.

Learn and earn; or show and lead

Learn the ins and outs of the financial world and your personality as an investor. Engage in communications and find the right path for you.

How the App Works


yeekatee is designed to support you within the whole investment journey - from people who invest for the first time to seasoned traders.


Innovation from those who know - technology is developed by the team that has built award-winning software for leading financial institutions worldwide.

About Us
yeekatee gradient.png

Our Story

Led by the belief that investing ought to be social and accessible

We want to make investing social and accessible to everyone, making it easier to share experiences, aggregate portfolios, and discuss market news & investment strategies.
Performance is better, and new markets are created when investing conversations, expertise, and portfolios are shared.
Make investment your lifestyle. Secure yourself a better future.


People about investing

“yeekatee will empower a new generation of investors, giving them access to information, self-learning tools, and peer-to-peer sharing in a way that has never existed before.”

Paul Nowak, student

“yeekatee will enable novices to get into investing and helps create an even investing experience for everyone. You can discuss openly with others on the network, which will hopefully enhance your overall investment performance.”

Melissa Dadgar, pharmacist

“yeekatee is all about healthy collaboration within the community. People can exchange ideas and opinions, discuss in a feed format, share posts, follow successful traders, - you can compare portfolios, learn and share.”

Fabio Viviani, banker & investor

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