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Who we are?

yeekatee is an independent social network connecting people and investing at every stage of the investment journey, supported by actual trades and track records. All profiles are verified & connected to real accounts, so you always have access to independent and not biased tips and advice.

How it works?

yeekatee is a social investing platform that accompanies you in the investment world. Sign up, connect with your peers, have 360 degrees overview of your portfolio, learn more about your market trends, and find out new investment strategies. Establish connections with other users, rank stocks, and monitor your progress.

Can I trade on yeekatee?

If the yeekatee community requests this feature, we may implement it for selected banks/brokers in the future.

Can I link my bank accounts? How?

Yes, you can link your accounts anytime to have an overview of your portfolio, get access to unique features, and have 360 degrees overview of your assets. To connect your account, simply go to Settings -> Link Account and select your bank from the list.

Is there a web app?

No, there’s no web version of yeekatee yet.

What investment experience should I have to start?

yeekatee supports investors at every stage of their journey, from beginners to seasoned investors. Our onboarding flow will help to determine where you are at this time to suggest and display needed data easily and efficiently.

Where will my banking data and credentials be stored?

We take care of the privacy policy according to EU and Swiss standards. As soon as the product is launched, you will find all details in yeekatee Terms and conditions and Privacy policy.

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