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Who we are?

yeekatee is an independent social network connecting people and investing at every stage of the investment journey, supported by actual trades and track records. All profiles are verified & connected to real accounts, so you always have access to independent and not biased tips and advice.

How it works?

yeekatee is a social investing platform that accompanies you in the investment world. Sign up, connect with your peers, have 360 degrees overview of your portfolio, learn more about your market trends, and find out new investment strategies. Establish connections with other users, rank stocks, and monitor your progress.

Can I trade on yeekatee?

If the yeekatee community requests this feature, we may implement it for selected banks/brokers in the future.

Can I link my bank accounts? How?

Yes, you can link your accounts anytime to have an overview of your portfolio, get access to unique features, and have 360 degrees overview of your assets. To connect your account, simply go to Settings -> Link Account and select your bank from the list.

Is there a web app?

No, there’s no web version of yeekatee yet.

What investment experience should I have to start?

yeekatee supports investors at every stage of their journey, from beginners to seasoned investors. Our onboarding flow will help to determine where you are at this time to suggest and display needed data easily and efficiently.

What is the plan for invites?

We plan to grow the invite system at our discretion in a way that preserves our focus on feature development and creates a network where healthy conversations can happen.

We also want the network to grow organically, so we have a system of generating invites by existing yeekatee users.

How do I join yeekatee?

You can find links to Apple Store and Google Play Store at

Apple Store: 

Google Play Store:

Why use invite codes?

Social networks can be abused by spammers and bad actors who might want to manipulate the public conversation. It’s much easier to limit sign-ups and let them spread through an existing social graph than to try to retroactively clean up rampant network abuse.

Long-term, we view this invite code system as a piece of the open-source tooling we’re building to help server admins (people running services) to help curate and moderate their communities.

Where will my banking data and credentials be stored?

At yeekatee, we prioritize your privacy and abide by EU and Swiss standards for our privacy policy. You can find all the relevant information in our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Does yeekatee provide real-time data?

At yeekatee, we strive to provide the most accurate and timely data for our users. However, please be aware that there may be a slight delay in the data we present, as real-time data can be challenging to obtain. We continuously work to minimize this delay and enhance the accuracy of our data aggregation for your portfolio management needs. Rest assured, we are committed to providing the best possible experience for our users. 

Note: For the Swiss Stock Exchange, we will soon have real-time data.

Real-time  U.S. & Canadian Exchanges


  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) - (XNYS)

  • NASDAQ/NGS (Global select market)

  • NASDAQ/NMS (Global market)

  • BATS Exchange

  • Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) 

Real-time ・ Nordics / NASDAQ

  • NASDAQ Stockholm AB (XSTO)

  • NASDAQ Helsinki (XHEL)

  • NASDAQ Copenhagen (XCSE)

  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange (XHKG)

Real-time ・ Foreign Exchange (FX)

  • For most currencies by market share 

Real-time ・ Commodities & Precious Metals

  • Precious metals: Gold, Silver, Palladium, Platinum

  • Commodities: Oil (WTI), Cooper

Real-time ・ Crypto currencies

  • For 28 crypto currencies by market cap against the most liquid currencies (USD, AUD, JPY, CAD, CHF, GBP and EUR)

Real-time ・ Indices

  • Down Jones Industrial Average

  • S&P 500 

  • Nasdaq Composite

  • Dax Performance Index

  • FTSE 100

15-minutes delay  Euronext Exchanges

  • Euronext Amsterdam (XAMS)

  • Euronext Brussels (XBRU)

  • Euronext Lisbon (XLIS)

  • Euronext Growth Lisbon (ALXL)

  • Euronext Paris (XPAR)

  • Euronext Growth Paris (ALXP)

  • Euronext Dublin (XMSM)

  • Euronext Growth Dublin (XESM)

15-minutes delay ・ German Exchanges

  • Deutsche Börse Xetra (XETR)

  • Frankfurt Stock Exchange (XFRA)

15-minutes ・ Other Exchanges

  • Euronext Expand Oslo (XOAS)

  • Euronext Growth Oslo (MERK)

  • London Stock Exchange (XLON)

20-minute delay ・ Other Exchanges

  • Italian Stock Exchange (XMIL)

  • Tokyo Stock Exchange (XJPX)

30-minute delay ・ Other Exchanges

  • Swiss Stock Exchange (XSWX)

  • Shanghai Stock Exchange (XSHG)

15-minute delay ・ Indices

  • CAC 40

  • Swiss Performance Index (SPI20)

  • Euro STOXX 50

Data Security & Privacy

At yeekatee, we prioritize the safety of your information.


Here's how we ensure the security of your data:

🔒 Banking Credentials. We don't have access to your banking credentials, so rest assured that your sensitive information remains private.

💸 Transaction Limitations. yeekatee cannot initiate any transactions on your accounts. Our platform is solely designed to retrieve and present your data securely.

📊 Data Retrieval Only. We only retrieve and display your data for informational purposes. No unauthorized actions will be taken without your consent.

⚙️ Banking & Brokerage Accounts. We do not store or retain your banking credentials, ensuring that no one can tamper with or move your money through our platform.

Secure Encryption & Management. Your credentials are securely encrypted and managed by our regulated aggregator partner, Flanks (EU), a Barcelona-based company regulated by the Bank of Spain. Immediately after retrieving transactions, your encrypted credentials and data are deleted from Flanks.

🔐 Data Protection and Privacy. We strictly adhere to GDPR regulations regarding data protection and privacy. For more details, please refer to our comprehensive privacy policy.

👥 Limited Access for Debugging. In rare cases where debugging is required, a subset of our team may need temporary access to diagnose issues. However, this can only happen if you contact our help desk and explicitly provide consent. Rest assured that all such actions are logged and audited on our end.

Your trust in us is paramount—we're committed to keeping your information secure.

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