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Portfolio aggregation

Effortlessly combine all your investments in one place to get a comprehensive view of your assets.

Smart insights to maximize returns

Analyze and optimize your portfolio to ensure it is well-balanced and diversified, giving you the best chance to maximize returns.

Huge asset universe

Don’t limit yourself to one investment option. With yeekatee, you can explore a wide range of options including stocks, ETFs, and more to expand your portfolio.

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    All your banks and brokers in one place

    By seamlessly connecting all your banks and brokers, you can easily see the real state of your wealth, including fees, transactions, and overall performance. Say goodbye to the guesswork and hello to a clear understanding of your financial health.

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    Your security is our top priority

    We prioritize the safety of your data by not having access to your banking credentials and by not being able to initiate any transactions on your accounts. Our platform is solely designed for retrieving and displaying your data for informational purposes only.

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    Why choose yeekatee?

    Designed by financial experts in Switzerland

    yeekatee is built on a deep knowledge of our team. Our founders and developers have successfully built a multi-billion business in finance.

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